The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is committed to the development of human languages and communication among our staff, students, and the community. Hundreds of students were exposed to different languages and cultures in the last one year alone.

English is an international language and we believe that all students must be able to express themselves fluently in English. For this purpose, we not only have revised curricula for English language courses but, also offered extra courses in spoken English as well as IELTS preparation for students and the community.

We have also established a Language Center at the University where we offer programs in Chinese, Turkish and Russian languages in addition to English. 

The Islamic Studies department has started offering Quranic Arabic courses to students, and soon we will ensure the provision of such courses to the larger community as well.

We also plan to offer programs in Punjabi, Urdu, and Persian language in the near future. 

Our vision is to ensure that we provide an opportunity to students and the greater community to learn new languages. This will allow them to accomplish their educational, career, or business goals. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences treats the achievement of these goals at high priority.