Master Degrees

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

The MSc Home Economics (Interior Design) program will equip the students to prepare for careers and professions in different fields of Interior Design. It will enable them to demonstrate the application of principles of art and design by using skills, techniques, and materials related to drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.
The MSc Home Economics (Food & Nutrition) program will equip the students to develop an understanding and apply the practice of food hygiene, food preservation, and professional cooking. It will help enhance their creativity and skills employed in meal presentations. It will enable students to have an advanced understanding of the role of nutrients in the prevention of deficiency and chronic diseases.
This two-year degree program seeks to provide opportunities to students in the diverse areas of psychology. This program would benefit scholars to advance and refine their knowledge in the discipline of psychology. This program would ultimately help psychology students to sharpen their skills in this field that would eventually provide them with better opportunities to practice their skills in academic, clinical, and other organizational settings.

Department Of Mass Communication And Media Studies

MA Mass Communication and Media Studies program prepares students for entry into the professional world of the mass media industry. The 2-years Master in Mass Communication/Media Studies program is carefully planned to meet the current and future needs of students, media organizations, and houses in Pakistan and elsewhere.
The MPhil in Mass Communication and Media Studies degree provides extensive training in social science research approaches and methods; critical engagement with the latest theory and research on media, culture, and communication. The course is based on integrated lectures with seminar presentations to prepare students for the transition from study to work. This MPhil program is designed in accordance with the HEC requirements, which consist of 30 credit hours: course work 24 credit hours and thesis 6 credit hours.

Department Of English

MA English at GIFT University is a unique fusion of literature and linguistic components. The courses are meticulously designed for the gradual and comprehensive intellectual growth of our students. The goal of the program is to make students understand, analyze, and use their knowledge of the English language as professionals in practical life.
MPhil English is an intensive degree program that provides its students with firm grounds, both in linguistics and literature. The program encourages independent reading, observation, and analysis; thus, preparing the students for quality academics at the highest level. GIFT University engages some of the best-known teachers and researchers to teach at the MPhil level. In addition to on-campus teaching, GIFT provides academic and logistic support to the students to participate in multiple conferences, attend seminars, and engage with other institutes of higher learning.
MPhil Applied Linguistics is designed to help students develop the skills and experience they need for a successful career in teaching English as a second language. The MPhil Applied Linguistics program opens up career prospects in the higher education sector in Pakistan. It prepares the graduates for a diverse range of professional fields, including English language teaching, journalism, and publishing.

Department Of Islamic Studies

This program provides students with a strong grounding in various sub-disciplines of classical and modern Islamic learning. Candidates enrolled in this program will either need to complete 32 credit hours of course work or, alternatively, complete 26 credit hours of course work along with 6 credit hours of research work/thesis.