Doctorate Degrees

Department Of English

PhD (English) is a three years program consisting of one year’s coursework and two years of research. The program has pathways to English Literature and Applied Linguistics with aims to broaden and deepen researchers’ knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic of study. Exploration of the nexus between theory and practice begins with the six taught courses that will develop students’ capability to perceive critical issues facing applied linguists and English literature. This broad foundation will enable students to hone their specific interests towards the conduct of supervised research that will make an original contribution to their fields.

Department Of Islamic Studies

PhD in Islamic Studies is one of the highest research degrees awarded at GIFT University. The program combines intensive and extensive studies in Islamic disciplines with research work at an advanced level. An in-depth study of classical Muslim knowledge tradition constitutes the core of the program, but equal importance is given to modern academic trends and debates in social sciences, as well. The program ensures that students interact directly with original sources in Arabic and English. Training scholars, in this way, can contribute to quality research in the discipline with a modern perspective, which is the prime goal of this program.