Interdisciplinary Research

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a dynamic research culture and has the credit to add over 100 research publications in HEC recognized journals in the last couple of years. The research produced by our faculty spans the entire range of humanities, literature, arts, religious studies, and social sciences. 

Recently, we have created interdisciplinary research groups in the faculty and work is already underway on several research projects. We are committed to socially useful research and are currently working on several action research projects as well.

Some common research themes have been; the Impact of COVID 19, Organizational Behavior, Customer and Employee satisfaction, The Holy Quran, and Ethical Behavior in Society, etc. These are just some of the examples of the research undertaken by our faculty and students.

Participatory Action Research

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is committed to contributing to community development in the Gujranwala region. In this regard, some major interdisciplinary projects are underway. One project deals with building consensus among stakeholders in the community to subsequently set up a historical, cultural, and industrial museum in Gujranwala. 

Secondary gains from the project include community mobilization for social change. If successful, the museum will showcase the great literary and cultural tradition of Gujranwala along with its contribution to industrialization and innovation in the region.

Another major project seeks to uncover psychological obstacles to upward mobility among the subaltern peoples of the Gujranwala region and come up with strategies for how to overcome these. Caste and class are a major focus of this research project.

We are also looking at the impact of TV dramas on the attitude of women with regard to gender issues. This project will help us understand the effect of media on society and how it can be used to affect social change.