PhD Islamic Studies

Program Description

PhD in Islamic Studies is the highest research degree awarded at GIFT University. The program combines intensive and extensive studies in Islamic disciplines with a research work at an advanced level. An in-depth study of classical Muslim knowledge tradition constitutes to the core of the program, but equal importance is given to modern academic trends and debates in social sciences, as well. The program ensures that students interact directly with original sources in Arabic and English. Training scholars, in this way, can contribute to quality research in the discipline with a modern perspective, which is the prime goal of this program.

Career Prospects

A higher degree in Islamic studies help teachers to secure selection and promotion to higher ranks in their professional careers. Doctor of Philosophy is largely beneficial for nation builders who contribute as teachers; while working in different academic and social institutions. This is an advanced level study for MPhil degree holders, designed for their further learning, proficiency as professionals, and their selection in the same fields. This degree will enhance the future employment opportunities of the youth, seeking jobs and will enrich the skillset of the faculty members, who are already employed.

Program Objectives

To produce:

  • Researchers of international caliber in Islamic studies, capable of presenting Islamic ethos and philosophy in such a way that it becomes the philosophy of life for common people.
  • Committed and competent, broad-minded scholars having broad based study in Islamic studies, free of sectional biases and intolerant attitudes towards different schools of thought.
  • Intellectual leaders who can critically evaluate the social problems and can pave ways to better solutions, having an analytical and moderate approach to the intellectual and religious crisis.

Program Structure & Requirements for the Award of the Degree

To produce:

  • Duration: 3 years, extendable to maximum 5 years
  • Course Work: first 2 semesters.
  • After the completion of the course work, the candidate has to go through a Candidacy Test/Comprehensive Exam before getting registered for writing PhD dissertation.
  • Comprehensive examination, selection and approval of topic and synopsis: 3rd & 4th Semester, doctoral dissertation: 5th & 6th Semester, publication of one paper.
  • Publication of two research papers in HEC (Recognized journals)
  • Successful defense of thesis

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • MPhil (with Research Work of 6 Credit Hours) in Islamic studies with a minimum of 3.0 CGPA.
  • Relevant level NTS test is also acceptable for admissions.