MSc Home Economics (Interior Design)

at Separate Girls Block (Only for Females)

Program Description

GIFT University, a premier educational institution, offers MSc Home Economics, a 2-year program, with a specialization in Interior Design.

Home Economics is a field of study and a profession that draws from a range of disciplines to achieve optimal and sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities. The central focus of home economics education is the well-being of people. It is about becoming independent, connecting with others, and taking action towards preferred futures that support individual and family wellbeing. Through home economics education, students become empowered, active, and informed members of society.

The main areas of study included in MSc Home Economics (Interior Design) are housing management, environmental and architectural aesthetics, functional space planning, and CAD Designing.

Program Objectives

The main objectives of Home economics are:

  • To help students prepare themselves for home and family
  • To apply knowledge of design principles in practical life.
  • To integrate knowledge from areas of architecture, furnishing, and furniture design.
  • To prepare students for careers and professions in different fields of Interior Design.
  • Express the characteristics of an aesthetically pleasing built environment.
  • Demonstrate the application of principles of art and design by using skills, techniques, and materials related to drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.
  • Apply the criteria for method and material selection in design projects.
  • Apply the concept of 2D, 3D, and colors in interior design projects by proposing space planning, interior finishes, and material, furniture, and fixtures as per the user’s needs.

Career Prospects

The MSc Home Economics (Interior Design) students can explore their utility as :

  • Interior designer in the furnishing industry
  • Furniture designer
  • Interior designer in media houses
  • Space planner in event management companies
  • Exhibition designer
  • Entrepreneur

Program Structure

Total Duration

2 Years

Total Credit Hours


Total Courses


Corporate Internship

3 Cr. Hr


9 Cr. Hr

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed 14 years of education (BA / BSc or any other equivalent degree) with at least 2nd division.