MA English Language and Literature

Program Description

MA English at GIFT University is a unique fusion of literature and linguistic components. The courses are meticulously designed for the gradual and comprehensive intellectual growth of our students. The literature component covers different periods and genres, while the linguistic component not only examines the usual social, cultural, and psychological aspects but also focuses on areas of modern interest such as semantics, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.

MA English is further supported by the vibrant Navarasa, the GIFT Dramatics Society, GIFT Linguistics Society, and GIFT Literary Society, where students of the department get to exercise their skills to practical usage. MA English at GIFT is not a taught program; it is a lifestyle steeped in literary taste and linguistic excellence.

Career Prospects

The goal of the program is to make students understand, analyze, and use their knowledge of the English language as professionals in practical life. It prepares them to take up diverse jobs in the market, which requires a good knowledge of the English language and literature. The program builds students’ capacity for reading, critical thinking, and evaluation, and provides career opportunities in diverse fields ranging from teaching, advertising, journalistic writing, translating, creative art, film, and drama, where activity to research, management, and legal studies are opened up. MA English also prepares the students for various competitive examinations where English language skills are vital for success.

Program Objectives

The MA English program opens a whole new world of ideas and thoughts for students. Since its inception, the department has adopted the policy of making students responsible for their learning through promoting the interactive reading of prescribed critical texts. The department also encourages the students to engage in activities like the performance of literary text and participation in oratory and writing contests to ensure the application of learned skills. By the end of the program, their capacity for reading, critical thinking, and practical application of the learned knowledge and skills are built up – an experience invariably cherished and valued in the future.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed 14 years of education (BA / BSc or any other equivalent degree) with at least 2nd division.

Program Structure


No of Courses

Cr. Hrs

Core (Linguistics)



Core (Literature)



Social Integration Program



Elective / Dissertation