BS Mass Communication and Media Studies

Program Description

Mass communication, as a rapidly growing field, demands well-skilled and specialized practitioners and journalists in different areas of the profession. Media institutions, governmental bodies, and all other profit and non-profit organizations are looking for well-qualified communicators to contact their audience.

Our Bachelor in Mass Communication prepares students for immediate entry into the professional world of the mass media industry, at the national and international level. The 4-years Bachelor in Mass Communication and Media Studies (Hons) program is carefully planned to meet the current and future needs of students, organizations, and businesses in Pakistan and elsewhere. It includes a variety of theoretical and practical courses in audio, video, and digital production that will equip students to meet the growing needs of the nation and region. Likewise, journalism, PR, advertising, and online broadcasting are integrated into three concentrations of the program.

The BS Mass Communication Program is designed for students who thrive on making positive changes in the media field and production. This program is ideal for students with an interest in various media work fields and newsgathering, writing, and editing both in print and broadcasting. It is designed for students who are interested in media and public opinion research. Whether you are interested in media research, communication policies, strategic communication, communication, and diplomacy, or working in writing for print media or shooting and editing television news, there is a place for you in Mass Communication Program.

Career Prospects

Mass communication career opportunities exist in the media industry (print, broadcast, and online) locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, advertising industry, public relations, and media research centres as well as television stations. This degree will enable the students to work as speech-writers, media strategists, crisis communicators, public diplomacy experts, non-profit leaders, advertising executives, and public relations professionals. Most career opportunities for Mass communication graduates are found in the following fields:

  • Print Media
  • News Television Channel
  • Radio Programming
  • Public Relations Departments
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Media Research Centres/Organizations
  • Leadership Programs and Organizations

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Mass Communication and Media Studies Program will acquire knowledge and skills that will help them to be professionally capable of:

  • Have an understanding of basic knowledge in the area of practical journalism.
  • Write for newspapers and magazines with effective usage of web designs and publications' computer programs.
  • Understand and analyze issues and situations having ethical and legal implications in media.
  • Provide active inquiry and critical thinking about the information they receive and create.
  • Create and design distinguished television news programs and be professional in shooting, writing, and editing news stories.
  • Conduct media and public opinion research and write research reports effectively.
  • Develop student’s ability to demonstrate effective written and oral communication.
  • Design creative public relations and advertising campaigns using up-to-date multimedia techniques.
  • Prepare students to understand general and practical reporting and subbing.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed up to Intermediate or Grade 12 schooling. The more specific criteria follow:

  • FSc (Pre-Engineering / Pre-Medical).
  • Intermediate with Arts or General Science or Commerce.
  • Advanced Levels (A' Levels).
  • Minimum 45% or equivalent marks in intermediate or equivalent qualification.
  • Any other equivalent grade 12 degrees approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Prepare students to understand general and practical reporting and subbing.