Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Psychology is the study of human behavior, performance, and mental processes. The subject lies at the intersection of applied, educational, and theoretical science. This degree program has the capacity to perform a lead role in preparing and updating competent professional psychologists of different fields so that they can deeply nurture with vision and be strongly committed to the obligations of this profession.
This two-year degree program seeks to provide opportunities to students in the diverse areas of psychology. This program would benefit scholars to advance and refine their knowledge in the discipline of psychology. This program would ultimately help psychology students to sharpen their skills in this field that would eventually provide them with better opportunities to practice their skills in academic, clinical, and other organizational settings.
Clinical psychology takes general psychology a step ahead. While psychologists study the fundamentals of mental behaviors and processes, clinical psychologists apply these principles in real-world situations. This program is designed to prepare professionals at graduate levels as clinical psychologists, child psychologists, clinical case managers, counseling psychologists, psychotherapists, rehabilitation psychologists, and substance abuse counselors.
This is a one-year full-time Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology program, which aims to train clinical psychologists to acquire professional skills like assessment and management by using different therapeutic interventions and clinical research.
The 4-year Integrated Program for BS Political Science is designed to streamline the education of political science in Pakistan and bring it in line with the international standard. The graduates will be able to understand the history, structure, and operation of the international system, the principal arguments for and against alternative forms of government.
BS Urdu Language and Literature is the need of the hour at a national level, as its teaching and promotion have become necessary in the modern globalized cultures. It will provide an opportunity for the students of this area to acquire high-quality education in Urdu literature. This program will enable the students to develop a sense of national identity and collective consciousness.
This program has been designed to provide a sound basis for conceptual understanding of issues related to the study of development policies and practices. It will help to enhance knowledge, develop skills and transfer practical related to social development issues within the overall framework of sustainable development and inter-related spheres. The program will equip graduates with enough knowledge and skill for entering a diverse field of jobs in government, private & public sectors.
The primary purpose of the program of BS 4-Year in International Relations is to prepare graduates in having an in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to analyze any given situation and draw out conclusions. The graduates will be equipped with the essential tools and techniques of research. It will enable them to analyze any given situation/issue and suggest a possible solution.
Sociology is an important field as it helps human beings study the behaviors of individuals and come up with ways of improving life. This program helps in understanding intricate details about society. This program will enable the graduates to possess professional competence in the various fields of sociology along with humanistic, moral, and problem-solving qualities.
The BS Education program is aimed at providing education and training facilities to teachers, administrators, and future educationists in the country. This program prepares students as professionals in the discipline of education/teaching studies for realizing the national goals of a progressive and sustainable society.
The BS Home Economics Interior Design program demonstrates the application of principles of art and design by using skills, techniques, and materials related to drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.

In this program, the graduates learn to apply the concept of 2D, 3D, and colors in interior design projects by proposing space planning, interior finishes, and material, furniture, and fixtures as per the user’s needs.
The central focus of home economics education is the well-being of people. It is about becoming independent, connecting with others, and taking action towards preferred futures that support individual and family well-being. The BS Home Economics Food and Nutrition program helps graduates to understand and apply the practice of food hygiene, food preservation, and professional cooking. In this program, the students learn to develop an advanced understanding of the role of nutrients in the prevention.
The MSc Home Economics (Interior Design) program will equip the students to prepare for careers and professions in different fields of Interior Design. It will enable them to demonstrate the application of principles of art and design by using skills, techniques, and materials related to drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics.
The MSc Home Economics (Food & Nutrition) program will equip the students to develop an understanding and apply the practice of food hygiene, food preservation, and professional cooking. It will help enhance their creativity and skills employed in meal presentations. It will enable students to have an advanced understanding of the role of nutrients in the prevention of deficiency and chronic diseases.

Department Of Mass Communication And Media Studies

BS Social Media program takes an in-depth look at the relationship between Social media, society at the global level, theories, Social media research, mobile technologies and the impact on human behaviour and lifestyle, and examines how users capitalize on social media and how the stakeholders interact, to support their ideas and opinion. This program is being offered in two areas of specialization, namely Social Media and Digital Media Communication.
Our Bachelor in Mass Communication prepares students for immediate entry into the professional world of the mass media industry. The 4 years program is carefully planned to meet the current and future needs of students, organizations, and businesses in Pakistan and elsewhere. It includes a variety of theoretical and practical courses in audio, video, and digital production that will equip students to meet the growing needs of the nation and region. Likewise, journalism, PR, advertising, and online broadcasting are integrated into the three concentrations of the program.
MA Mass Communication and Media Studies program prepares students for entry into the professional world of the mass media industry. The 2-years Master in Mass Communication/Media Studies program is carefully planned to meet the current and future needs of students, media organizations, and houses in Pakistan and elsewhere.
The MPhil in Mass Communication and Media Studies degree provides extensive training in social science research approaches and methods; critical engagement with the latest theory and research on media, culture, and communication. The course is based on integrated lectures with seminar presentations to prepare students for the transition from study to work. This MPhil program is designed in accordance with the HEC requirements, which consist of 30 credit hours: course work 24 credit hours and thesis 6 credit hours.

Department Of English

BS English program runs under two intertwined tracks: literature and linguistics. The program has been designed with the view that both literature and linguistics are organically linked. BS English is a broad-based graduate-level program with an essentially modern outlook. It equips the students with a vast array of skills vital for future professional success.
MA English at GIFT University is a unique fusion of literature and linguistic components. The courses are meticulously designed for the gradual and comprehensive intellectual growth of our students. The goal of the program is to make students understand, analyze, and use their knowledge of the English language as professionals in practical life.
MPhil English is an intensive degree program that provides its students with firm grounds, both in linguistics and literature. The program encourages independent reading, observation, and analysis; thus, preparing the students for quality academics at the highest level. GIFT University engages some of the best-known teachers and researchers to teach at the MPhil level. In addition to on-campus teaching, GIFT provides academic and logistic support to the students to participate in multiple conferences, attend seminars, and engage with other institutes of higher learning.
MPhil Applied Linguistics is designed to help students develop the skills and experience they need for a successful career in teaching English as a second language. The MPhil Applied Linguistics program opens up career prospects in the higher education sector in Pakistan. It prepares the graduates for a diverse range of professional fields, including English language teaching, journalism, and publishing.
PhD (English) is a three years program consisting of one year’s coursework and two years of research. The program has pathways to English Literature and Applied Linguistics with aims to broaden and deepen researchers’ knowledge and understanding of their chosen topic of study. Exploration of the nexus between theory and practice begins with the six taught courses that will develop students’ capability to perceive critical issues facing applied linguists and English literature. This broad foundation will enable students to hone their specific interests towards the conduct of supervised research that will make an original contribution to their fields.

Department Of Islamic Studies

This program focuses on the learning of core disciplines in Islamic studies. It will lay the foundation of Islamic learning, leading students to higher studies of MPhil and PhD degrees offered at GIFT and other universities of the country. Keeping in view the key importance of core disciplines in Islamic Studies, like Qur’an, Hadith, Seerah, and Fiqh, GIFT has structured the BS Islamic Studies Program as a combination of research and course work.
This program provides students with a strong grounding in various sub-disciplines of classical and modern Islamic learning. Candidates enrolled in this program will either need to complete 32 credit hours of course work or, alternatively, complete 26 credit hours of course work along with 6 credit hours of research work/thesis.
PhD in Islamic Studies is one of the highest research degrees awarded at GIFT University. The program combines intensive and extensive studies in Islamic disciplines with research work at an advanced level. An in-depth study of classical Muslim knowledge tradition constitutes the core of the program, but equal importance is given to modern academic trends and debates in social sciences, as well. The program ensures that students interact directly with original sources in Arabic and English. Training scholars, in this way, can contribute to quality research in the discipline with a modern perspective, which is the prime goal of this program.