Social Integration Program

Social Integration Program (SIP) is an outreach program with a core objective to instill the spirit of social responsibility and social welfare in the students, so that the graduates not only become good professionals but also good human beings as well. The students are encouraged to help and support the deprived and less privileged members of society. By involving students in the participatory community development processes we help them to educate for excellence in social work practice.

 The Social Integration Program (SIP) of GIFT University supports the mission statement:

“To emphasize the value of service with others, rather than the commonly accepted concept of service to others. The program aims to create a “better community”.

SIP’s Vision is “From the Community-to the Community”.

The goal of the program is to build vibrant communities that are:

  • creative, 
  • innovative, 
  • inclusive and self-reliant, 
  • where participation in community life is enabled and encouraged

The program evolves as a platform where faith and action, service and learning, research and resolve intersect. The students are sent to various community services organizations of the region to experience hands-on knowledge and skills in social services and social learning. The students not only learn about organizational diversity, dynamics, culture, opportunities but more importantly understand the role they are responsible to perform in these organizations to execute social services initiatives.

Back to School

The back to school initiative seeks to intervene at the foundational stage of childhood. The faculty of SASS are currently involved in developing a relationship with schools where we can provide them with the necessary help in terms of teacher training, classroom management, communication skills, English language skills etc. This initiative is also at the heart of our industrial linkages program.