School Teachers Training Program

The ORIC GIFT University’s organized School Teachers Training program in collaboration with AL-Shifa Future Hospital Gujranwala and YES Society! The program aimed to train school teachers in modern pedagogical techniques and was conducted by experts in the field. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Asir Ajmal (Dean SASS), Dr. Hayat Khan, Dr. Sehrish, Assistant Professors at GIFT University, and Mr. Hans Jackob (Director of Didactic and Teacher Training from Germany). Topics covered included class engagement, classroom management, teaching methodology, and multiple intelligences. Practical exercises and discussions were also part of the sessions. A total of 30 enthusiastic teachers from four different schools in the Gujranwala region participated, making the program a success. We thank Chairman GIFT University Mr. Anwar Dar, Rector GIFT University Dr. Shaihid Qureshi, and CEO AL-Shifa Future Hospital Gujranwala for gracing the occasion and highlighting the importance of teachers in societal development.